Investment Management

The other side of the coin... investment management.

We offer two different programs for investment management:

Managed Account Program (MAP)

Our MAP clients are in need of traditional wealth management.  Services include portfolio management, financial planning, and semi-annual meetings.  Depending on the need, we may help to plan for educational expenses or create a retirement projections. This program is robust, and each aspect is unique to the individual client.  To learn more about this high-level professional service, please visit our MAP page by clicking here.  

Automated Investment Management (AIM)

Our AIM clients may choose our program for a variety of reasons.  Services include portfolio management, annual phone meetings, and unlimited phone or email support.  This program is best suited to someone who is comfortable viewing their accounts online or by mobile device, and it offers the flexability that comes from communicating by email or phone.  AIM is a lower cost than the MAP program, but does not include in depth financial planning.  To learn more about this innovative program, visit our AIM page by clicking here.