Financial Planning

One side of the coin... financial planning.

We believe that most people need some help with their financial lives.  Life is complex, making it very difficult for people to organize and sustain a financial balance.  We also believe that successful investment management is difficult to accomplish without ongoing financial planning.  

Financial planning is a process of:

  • Assessing our clients' existing financial situations
  • Analyzing past decisions and goal setting
  • Recommending modifications aligned with client goals
  • Monitoring financial progress

Our financial planning includes:

Information Organization  Consolidating your contact information
Net Worth Analysis Identifying all of your assets and liabilities
Retirement Planning Projecting financial needs throughout your lifespan
Education Planning Calculating education needs, if applicable
Insurance Analysis Evaluating your risk management plan
Investment Management Managing your investments
Tax Planning Strategizing your income and estate taxes
Estate Planning Designing and communicating your legacy