Automated Investment Management

What Makes AIM Different

We know you have a lot of choices when it comes to investing.  As independent investment advisors, Barnes Investment Advisory, Inc. is proud to offer AIM in partnership with Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. because this program allows us to combine our more than thirty years of traditional investment management with Schwab's innovative technology.  

With AIM, you can invest for retirement, save for a vacation, or work to build long-term wealth.  There are a range of account options, including brokerage, IRA, custodial, and trust accounts.  Our custom portfolios select from a list of more than 900 Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) across many fund families and asset classes. The portfolios are automatically re-balanced commission-free by Schwab and cash is FDIC-insured, earning a market-based interest rate.  

One of the benefits of this program being entirely online is that clients are not limited to our area.  We communicate exclusively via email or phone for any questions that you might have for us.  The online nature of the program also allows us to remove account service fees, trading commissions, or custody fees. Your only fees are for portfolio management, which we have priced competitively within the industry.  Barnes Investment Advisory, Inc. is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisory Firm, which means that we do not benefit from selling investment products or making trades.  To read more about this, please visit our FAQ page located under the Resources tab.  

Is AIM Right For You

We have found that clients who are in the early stages of building wealth are often underserved by traditional wealth management programs. Clients who are new to investing, or are growing their assets deserve a skillfully-crafted investment strategy, but may not need many of the additional services that we offer. The perfect candidate for our program is a client who is in the early stages of accumulating financial assets, is comfortable with a digital investment account experience, and wants to minimize costs while still having an investment strategy. Our goal is to meet your needs by giving you access to our thirty plus years of investment knowledge while in a program that offers our lowest fee schedule. We’re able to accomplish this by allowing Schwab to automatically re-balance your account based on our parameters, completing all paperwork online, and by communicating digitally. If this sounds right for you, then welcome to AIM!

Getting Started With AIM

Enrolling in AIM takes a few simple steps to complete.  Once your money is invested, you can view your account information anytime online, or on your mobile device.  

After you've received our activation key (by filling out the form at the bottom of this page) you'll walk through a few simple steps to complete your enrollment.  

  • Answer a few straightforward questions from your advisor to help determine your investor profile 
  • Review our recommended portfolio
  • Complete the account open and funding process

We will then review and make any adjustments before your money is invested.  You will also have time to ask any questions.  

Why We Chose Schwab

Convenience:  Schwab offers around the clock customer service, 365 days a year.  If you have a problem logging in, need to update your personal information, or change a password, Schwab's dedicated service line is there to help you.
Security: Schwab’s security measures are designed to keep your personal information safe in a digital environment.  The technology features that Schwab uses to secure their accounts include advanced encryption technology and secure communications. Their sites use multilayered protections beyond login name and password before granting access to an account.  Schwab continuously monitors their systems, and works collaboratively with government agencies, law enforcement, and other financial services firms to address potential threats.  
Enrolling in AIM

In order to enroll in our Automated Investment Management program, please contact us using the form below.  You will receive an email that walks you through each step of the account setup process.  You will also get the 4-digit code that links you to our investment program.  

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