Becoming a Client

We offer one service, and one fee schedule.  Here are the steps to becoming a client:

  • Financial Analysis

    We believe that the foundation for creating Wealth in Balance® begins with proper financial analysis. Clients have different needs and therefore the financial analysis is based on individual circumstances. Before assets are invested, we review the following:

    • Information Organization
    • Net Worth Analysis
    • Retirement Planning
    • Education Planning
    • Insurance Analysis
    • Tax Planning
    • Estate Planning
  • Investment Management

    We believe that a well designed portfolio strategy is the next critical step to Wealth in Balance®. We use Asset Allocation as the cornerstone of our investment management philosophy. We use the information from our Step One: Financial Analysis to help us understand your needs. We incorporate this information into an Investment Policy Statement for you.

  • Account Establishment

    We believe that the more organized accounts are, the more easily clients understand what they own and why! We therefore strive to simplify the number of accounts and account registrations that you maintain. We custody all accounts at Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

  • Account Positioning

    After all accounts have been simplified and consolidated, we begin the process of account positioning. This is a long term process of ensuring that the investment portfolio complies with the Investment Policy Statement. During this analysis, we consider your desire to hold or sell certain positions, tax implications, market and economic conditions. This is not a rapid process, but rather an intensive, thorough, sensitive consideration of your situation.

  • Account Monitoring

    We pride ourselves on our high energy and close association with our clients. We stay in touch by:

    • Providing continuous supervision of the portfolios that we manage.
    • Providing regular commentary on markets, economies, taxation, etc.
    • Reviewing Charles Schwab & Co. Inc., monthly statements on all accounts.
    • Providing quarterly reports on account progress and other information of interest.
    • Requiring, at a minimum, an annual account review with each client.
    • Being consistently available by phone, email, or face-to-face appointment.